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Phong nha tour and activities

Phong nha tour and activities

Phong nha tour and activities

Tours and Activities

Visit the rugged scenic beauty of the 200 hectare Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and:
  • Explore Phong Nha Cave by boat from the boat station in Phong Nha.
  • Explore Paradise Cave, in the heart of the National Park.
  • See the spectacular jungle scenery & fascinating limestone formations of the karst mountains.
  • Swim in clear turquoise rivers overhung by jungle greenery.
  • Investigate the extensive network of unspoilt caves that make up one of Asia’s largest cave systems, getting further in to Paradise cave than the tourist route.
  • Observe the varied wild life - you may even come across a troop of rare Black Langur monkeys.

Organised tours are the usual way to see these sights -please see the links above for the details of the tours - but walking, Xe Om (motorbike taxi) and bicycle riding are also options. Phong nha backpacker hostel can arrange tours on ex-military Ural motorbikes and sidecars, Army Jeep, mini van and/or 7 seater cars for groups.

In addition there are many activities available at and around the farmstay:

  • Ride a bicycle along the winding tracks weaving through the rice paddy fields and through tiny quaint villages where you can stop to interact with the friendly locals, visit local markets & swim in the clear streams nearby.
  • Take a ride out to the "Pub with Cold Beer" in Bong Lai for the freshest chicken lunch, the best peanut sauce in the word (probably) and as the name suggests, cold beer! Relax in a hammock with a view over the countryside and interact with this local family.
  • Learn about the history of the American War and visit the memorial sites that the locals hold sacred.
  • Participate in traditional farming activities including ploughing with buffalo and rice harvesting, when seasonally available.
And after a hard day's adventuring, return to Phong Nha backpacker hostels where you can relax with a cold beer or cocktail on the terrace. Watch the local farmers returning home with their buffaloes, ploughs over their shoulders while the sun sets over the paddy fields which roll away to the river & beyond to the rugged mountains on the skyline. 

Then wander down to the restaurant for a delicious dinner, then feel free to relax or enjoy game of pool and maybe a dip in the pool before retiring to your comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep.


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